Novemburger @ Work



Treat your staff to a tasty lunch, and bring Novemburger to work! If you’re a local business that likes to take part in community events, give back to good causes, AND appreciates a great burger, consider hosting a staff luncheon, appreciation day, or kicking off your United Way Campaign with a Novemburger experience!

Novemburger @ Work is a great way to network, build connections, boost team camaraderie, and create a positive work environment.

Feel free to send us your photos! At the end of the month, we’ll be sharing all of the workplaces who participated through social media.

Order your workplace Novemburgers from one of these participating restaurant partners:

  1. Anchor & Ore 807-285-9338
    (order up to 50 Novemburgers)
  2. Applebee’s 807-346-5994
    (order up to 20 Novemburgers)
  3. Beefcake’s Burger Factory Hodder Ave. 807-683-6757 Brown St. 807-622-6757
    (order up to 20-25 Novemburgers)
  4. Bonobo’s Foods (vegetarian/vegan) 807-345-6262
    (order up to 35 Novemburgers)
  5. Dawson General Store 807-767-8669
    (order up to 15 Novemburgers)
  6. Java Hut 807-344-5521
    (order up to 20 Novemburgers)
  7. Station 22 807-935-7168
    (order up to 10 Novemburgers) The
  8. Getaway – Gateway Casino 807-766-7900
    (order up to 20 Novemburgers)