Our Ambassadors

This group of burger enthusiasts has been carefully selected to give you the verdict on the best Novemburgers in Thunder Bay! They’ll be taste testing each Platinum burger location (and probably some Gold locations too!), and rating them through a rigorous scoring system based on everything from taste to texture to presentation. At the end of the month, scores will be tallied up, and the highest rated burger will be crowned Top Novemburger of 2023!
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Allan Kozlo

Itec 2000 Equipment Inc.

The “GangsterItalian sausage groundbeef blend burger stuffed with provolone cheese.Topped with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and pepperoncini peppers and anartichoke asiago aioli on a ciabattabun.

Doug Ferguson

Ministry of the Solicitor General

(2022 Novemburger Passport Winner)

My signature burger is nothing too crazy, I like a patty with fresh onion and jalapeno mixed in ona fresh sesame seed bun. Toppings would include sliced avocado, tomato, lettuce and picklewith a nice thick slice of cheddarcheese.I think we would have to call it the fergyburger!

Kevin Anderson

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue

My signature burger would have a double beef patty, homemade peanut butter, cheddarcheese, bacon and lettuce.I would call it the Big Kev!

Emily Turner


To answer the question of my signature burgerit would probably have smooth peanut butter and crispy bacon with sauteed red onion on it served on a brioche bun. It would be called the“sweet nutty”! Don’t knock it till you try itit’s surprisingly delicious.

Kai Knudsen

Equipment World Inc.

Simple Smash Burger: double smashed beef patties with melted sharp cheddar, crispy friedonions, dill pickles, thickcut bacon, and dill serrano heartbeat hot sauce, served on a toastedsesame bun.

Kyle & Andrea Mulligan

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

Kyle: Double stack smash pattyson an egg bun with sesame seeds. All the fixins but no ketchupor onions. Relish, mayo or special sauce, tomato, lettuce, mustard, aged cheddar and bananapeppers for some slight heat.

Damien Gilbert & Alex Mirabelli

Epica Pictures & Re/max first choice realty

Damien:Double patty smash burger with cheese and secret sauce on a brioche bun.

Alex: If I could create a signature burger it would definitely have to have a nicesharp cheddarcheese, pickles, crispy smoked maple bacon, arugula,caramelized onions, drizzle of a dill sauce/glazedouble patty smash burger(more cheddar cheese between the patties) and then top it off with a layer meltedsharp cheddar cheese. It would be calledCheesyyy Smash

Darcy Fleury

Thunder Bay Police Service

The toppings I would use are: Onion, mushroom, tomato, medium cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, garlic-jalepeno mayo dressing – just a hint of heat.

I would call it, “El Jefe”

Honest Heart Collective

Ryan & Nic MacDonald, Kevin Heerema, Jay Savage

Content Coming Soon!

Josh Marano

TBT News

If I had to make the perfect burgerI would do a smash burger on a brioche bun. Ketchup, mayo,lettuce, pickles, little bit of onions and some hot peppers. Maybe some aioli on there too! Maybecall it the Mad Smash!